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sidebarbasegraphic.jpg (38402 bytes) Listed on this page are tips you can use to help your computers do more for you.  Some of these items are projects and some of them are quick simple things you can do to make your computers more usable.

Information Storage

  • Retreive and store documents that can be electronically filed, searched or archived.
  • Create a customer database which allows you to create a letter or other information and have it sent to your customers via e-mail, snail mail or fax automatically.
  • Create a timesheet which your employees log into daily to keep track of when they come in, go to lunch, leave for home, or to track billable time for a specific project.


  • Design and install a fully integrated mail system which has access to external e-mail, local e-mail and fax sending and retrieval services.

Web Sites

  • Create a web site designed to bring in more customers or help support your current customers.
  • Establish an intranet (an internet that lies within your corporation) so that your employees can access meeting schedules, human resource data, company activity information, process manuals, product warranties, internal contact information, etc.


  • Any of your computers running Windows NT Workstation, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.x or MS DOS operating systems can be client machines. Your computer clients can be networked to a server using Windows NT, Novell Netware or Windows 95/98 operating systems or your computer clients can be piered so there is no dedicated server.
  • Traditionally networks were created to link computers in a single office together so that users could share information.  But now, networks are commonly used to link computers outside the office to a company's internal network.   Users can now access information stored inside your office when they are at the customer's site.  This allows your employees to still have all the information they need when they need it, but reduces the amount of "luggage" they must carry
  • Create an area on your network which can be accessed by your customers to deposit data, recieve information, or place orders.
  • Create access for key employees to allow them to do work off-site. They can access information "from the road" or work from home.

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