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Some other interesting contacts and links:

American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado

Protecting and defending civil liberties and civil rights in Colorado.

The Internet Public Library, University of Michigan

This web site is produced by the University of Michigan and contains an extensive research library. If you need to learn something new, this web site is the place to browse.

Junkbusters Home Page

Interested in learning about internet security, junk mail, or telemarketing calls? Maybe you want some pointers on how you can reduce the number of unwanted calls you recieve or maybe your just interested in knowing what lists you might be on. This web site contains exhaustive information about "Junk Messages". Pull up a chair, get a soda and prepare for information overload! You will be amazed by how much personal information there is about you and where it resides.

The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

This web site is full of interesting art collections including paintings, sculpture, and decrative arts from various places in the world. This web site is laid out quite nicely and is easy to browse.

Small Business Showcase's Internet PowerPages

This is a worldwide "yellow pages". You can find anything from restruants, real estate companies, pets, etc. Take a look if you need to purchase products or services.

This page is currently under construction - check back often to find new and updated links or email us at with link information that you would like to see here.  Describe why you like the site you are suggesting and we will post your link as soon as we can.

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